Avoiding Injury Tampa Florida

You can lose your drivers license if not properly insured!

A Gonzalez Vehicle Accident

Recently I have encountered situations in which the fault driver did not have Bodily Injury “BI” Coverage. “BI” coverage, covers the at fault driver for losses he or she caused, such as medical bills, wage loss and pain and suffering. If the at fault driver failed to carry “BI” coverage, the innocent driver may become liable for these losses.
So what is the innocent driver’s recourse if any, if the at fault driver failed to carry “BI” coverage? Florida’s Financial Responsibility Law requires a person, who is at fault for an accident, to provide financial coverage of at least $10,000 per person and $20,000 per accident. One way to do this is to purchase Bodily Injury Insurance.
Another way is to post a bond for the required amount of coverage.
If you cause an accident, and you cannot meet the “Financial Responsibility” requirements, your driver’s license can be suspended. The suspension will remain in place until the judgment against you is satisfied.
When I encounter such situations, I report to the Department of Motor Vehicles, that the at fault driver failed to meet the minimum requirements of the Financial Responsibility law. The Department will then determine whether the individuals driver’s license should be suspended.
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