Avoiding Injury Tampa Florida

Mistakes that can hurt your cases! Missing medical appointments, and gaps in treatment!

A Gonzalez Legal Case, Personal Injury, Vehicle Accident

If you were injured in an accident and sought medical attention, your medical provider likely recommended a course of treatment you. The nature of the treatment of course depends on the type of injury you sustained. The types of treatment can range from treatments such as massage therapy, physical therapy all the way through surgery. When your claim is submitted to an insurance company, the insurance adjuster will look at not only the type of treatment you received, but whether you complied with your medical providers recommendations. Unexplained gaps in treatment, or missing medical appointments suggest to the adjuster that you were not that injured.
If you have to miss a medical appointment you need to explain to the provider the reason you missed. For example, you were unable to leave work, a sickness in your family or another appointment you could not miss. By doing this, the medical provider can document your file. Failing to comply with treatment is a whole other issue. For example, did the medical provider recommend diagnostic test such as x-rays or an MRI, treating a certain amount of days per week, or a second opinion with the specialist just to name a few. Once again, failing to comply suggest to the adjuster that you were not as injured as initially believed.
Remember, an element of your damages is for future medical expense. The jurors will look at your history of medical treatment. Missing medical appointments, gaps in treatment, and failing to comply with treatment can cost you thousands of dollars.
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