A Gonzalez Drivers License, DWLSR

One of the most often call we are from who have been charged with DWLS. There are two DWLS one is a civil traffic infraction and the other criminal offense.

There are many reasons your license may have been suspended such as:

failing to pay a traffic ticket,


Excessive points,

failing to pay child support,

failing to appear in court, or

being involved in an accident while uninsured.

You should also need to be aware that pursuant to Florida Habitual Traffic offender law obtaining 3 major convictions within a 5 year period can result in a loss of your driver’s licenses for 5 years. DWLS is include within the definition of offense

If you have been charged with DWLS give me a call. We can discuss the facts of your and discuss possible defenses such as

the legality of the stop,

the reasons for the underlying suspension, demonstrating lack of knowledge of the suspension,

the validity of prior convictions

DWLS is a criminal traffic offense and a mandatory court appearance is required. Therefore you must take action promptly.