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Accidents Involving Trucks

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Accidents involving trucks can be complex. There are many State and Federal regulations that come into play. In addition to role the trucking company may have played. Truck driver error such as improper lane changes, speeding, careless or reckless driving, improperly loading and improper braking are some examples. Driver impairment due to sleep deprivation, alcohol, legal and illegal drugs and distraction are also causes. Federal regulations regulate how long drivers can be on the road, and how much rest the driver needs between trips. Research shows that nearly twenty (20%) percent of trucking accidents were the result of driver being fatigued, and road and weather conditions.

Trucking companies often times allow impaired or an incompetent driver to drive on public roads putting the safety of the public at risk, if they do they may be held liable in addition to the truck driver. Trucking companies must adhere to Federal regulations, the primary purpose of which is to minimize the number of trucking accidents, and ensure that truck drivers stay alert and attentive when behind the wheel. For example, truck drivers must be off duty, and not working for at least ten consecutive hours before starting work. Truck drivers must maintain a driver log to document how much time they have spent on the road. Trucking companies should also be involved in monitoring the hours of service for its truckers.

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